BBF ELECTRICAL SOFTWARE S.R.L. is a young society established in 2018 in Sassuolo (MO, Italy) with the purpose of bringing quaity and innovation in the world of automation.

We take care of designing and writing software programs for the automation in the industrial sector.

It's in our offices where specialized technicians study the machine and elaborate the wiring schemes.

After that our programmers write sophisticated software programmes which ensure the correct functioning of the machine, respecting both the safety rules and the customer's request.

Our softwares are supported by keyboards and synoptics, thanks to which the operator can manage every aspect of the working cycle.

All this happens respecting the customer's needs and adapting the product to his requirements.



Discover the services we offer

We own a large amount of services that goes from PLC programming to the writing of programs for your machines. Come discover our services in the dedicated page.



Our partners

Every year we put into operation hundreds of machines thanks to our technicians but also thanks to external partners. Come discover out partners, our customers and our organization in the dedicated page.